2020 Favorites

Listen to our favorite releases from this year!

100 Watt Horse – Dog is Goob

Aaberg – Calf

Adrianne Lenker – Songs

Airhead DC – Busted Sermon

Bats – There’s a River Up High

Boiling Hell – Fluff

Buddie – Diving

Chester Watson – A Japanese Horror Film

Double Grave – Goodbye, Nowhere!

Evan Gordon – When is Soon Enough?

Flout – Hemlock

Gabbo – Gabbo EP

Gates of Hell – Gates of Hell

Greg Mendez – Cherry Hell

Kitchen – Halloween in August

Little Kid – Transfiguration Highway

Lomelda – Hannah

Max Gowan – Last Companion

The Microphones – Microphones in 2020

Momma – Two of Me

Nick Broback – Before Too Long

Oldeye – Runner

Orchid Mantis – Far From This World

Pool Holograph – Love Touched Time and Time Began to Sweat

Simen Mitlid – Birds; or, Stories from Charlie B’s Travels From Grønland to the Sun, and Back Again

Slow Pulp – Moveys

Steve Harltett – Molting

SWARVY – Soundtrack Music

Teethe – Teethe

Tenci – My Heart is an Open Field

Thanya Iyer – KIND

Wax Chattels – Clot

Wednesday – I Was Trying to Describe You to Someone

Yves Jarvis – Sundry Rock Song Stock

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